Kops II pump storage plant (A)

September 2006 - January 2009


Construction of 450 MW-pump storage plant in alpine conditions
Lot 1: Headrace tunnel , 5.5 km length, drivage with Robbins doubleshield-TBM DS1811-256 (diameter 5,54 m)
Lot 2: Pressure shaft ; Connection of headrace tunnel with machinery cavern , 1.1 km length , 39° inclination, drivage with
Wirth hardrock TBM (diameter 4,60 m).
Geology: metamorphic sequences of the alpine silvretta complex: gneiss, amphibolite, mica shists.

Geotechnical consulting.

Geotechnical consulting of contractor; Sample concept preparation, rock sampling, coordination of laboratory investigations on rock strength and rock abrasivity, preparation of reports.

Customer: Kops Baulos 1 +2 Joint Venture (Swietelsky Tunnelbau GmbH&Co KG, Torno, Torno Internationale).

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