Rock Excavation Consulting
The excavation of rock and soil for
  • anchor and blasthole drillling
  • slope supporting measures
  • drill and blast tunnelling
  • tunnelling and mining with excavators
  • tunnelling and mining with roadheaders
  • mechanised shield and TBM-tunnelling

is a relevant working step in underground construction and ground engineering. Unfortunately, its dependency on geological and geotechnical influences makes this working step rather difficult to calculate and susceptible to various ground related risks.

In the field of of geotechnical investigation and analyzation of tool wear and rock excavation processes we can rely on a broad base of various international projects and experiences.


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Additionally, Dr. Plinninger was in 2009 publicly certified as expert in the field of "performance and wear in hardrock excavation".


Our team may consult you - on site and from our office - in:

  • the choice of a most economic excavation method
  • planning of a tool and machinery concept
  • estimations on excavation performance and tool wear
  • geotechnical and technical documentation
  • planning, sampling and carrying out special investigations on rock and soil abrasivity
  • optimization of tool and machinery

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